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8051 Control your Home appliances using Cortana (Windowsphone 8.1)

Control your home appliances using Cortana which is a personal smartphone assistant for Windowsphone

  1. Saransh
    Really helpful but I'm facing one problem I'm not able to initialise the RM04 module.i have a base board for it the same I see in ur post.where exactly I'm facing the problem is I initialise all the setting and then after that there is no WIFI hotspot for it.

    This is what I do
    I open the browser with I.p-
    From there I scan the wifi module for my hotspot.
    In I.p address- i.p address of my cellular network as I use a hotspot
    In default gateway-gate away of the cellular network
    In net mode-wifi client
    Please help me its my final year project.
  2. elettronicasalvo
    Ottimo lavoro
  3. k.siva
    that project would be save the waste of electrical energy with use of simple hand equpment{mobile phone}
    nice idea
  5. chaitany
  6. Jeyanthrnd
    Really superb
  7. Jesal Patel
    Jesal Patel
    excellent idea.
    1. Binu
  8. Vince Ting
    Vince Ting
    This is an excellent idea. It looks cost effective. I have seen a couple of attempts on youtube that uses netduino, but your work is very convincing. I hope to see more development of this work. I agree to your logic of using wifi over bluetooth. I think establishing wifi connection is more flexible than bluetooth connection. The only sad point is that I read wifi consume more electricity over bluetooth. I hope one day I can purchase your microcontroller project. Best of Luck!!!!
    1. Binu
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review, i agree Wifi consumes more power.
      But at phone side bluetooth consumes more power than wifi.