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Wish to get started with 89V51RD2 (8051)

Discussion in 'Microcontrollers' started by lilpirate, May 23, 2011.

  1. lilpirate

    lilpirate New Member

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    Hello people,

    I'm new to electronics and trying to build a land-rover caaar. I found out Arduino Uno and quite understand the initial steps I need to take to get started with it and go on to build my car.

    I learnt that Arduino Uno isn't available locally and is too costly when I order it from another city (I'm in India). But while checking a local shop, the guy showed me the P89V51RD2 ( 8051 ) controller. I didn't buy it right away but came to do a bit research. My initial findings were that it's quite more powerful than the Arduino Uno. I bought it for Rs. 1000 (~$25).

    Now I am sitting on my desk thinking about what I am supposed to do with this. What I basically plan is to hookup this board, a breadboard, an L293DNE IC and two motors together.

    But I can't understand where should I start. Answering a few questions would aid me a lot :
    1 - What's difference between the 89V51RD2 I bought and Arduino Uno?
    2 - What should I do to start porgramming ( in C? I'm familiar with programming languages so this part isn't the problem at all )?
    3 - The board has a serial port. I tried to connect it with the SERIAL PORT-USB converter I bought but windows isn't showing anything other than "Unknown device found" even after I installed the drivers for the converter.
    4 - I am supposed to connect some power supply to the board before starting to work on it. I can see three 4-pin terminals labelled 5V,GND 12V. I have three 9V batteries. I can adjust the voltage with resistors, that's not the problem, but how exactly am I supposed to connect the supply? There are 4 pins for each of them. Can I connect the positive terminal to "5V" and negative to GND and leave the "12V" open?

    Thank you, all!
  2. pratheek

    pratheek New Member

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    Arduino is a completely open source software and hardware embedded development platform. It makes us of a bootloaded microcontroller from Atmel Atmega328 (which provides a lot more features than a P89V51RD2 actually). It also consists of a free IDE, which makes it easy to write, compile and upload codes to the Arduino board. Tons of examples, projects, and free codes makes it extremely popular among starters these days.

    P89V51RD2, on the other hand, is just a microcontroller. You will have to use additional circuitry (like the board you have), a compiler and a programmer to upload codes.

    If the computer gives an unidentified device when plugged in, then the converter is faulty. Get yourself a converter from reputed brand(Cheap Chinese ones rarely work, if at all). Also, most of them do not work on Windows 7, so try using them on XP or Vista.

    You may power the board of 9V, but better ask the manufacturer or post the schematic here if you want a sure reply.
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