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Traffic Reporting by using MMS

Discussion in 'GSM' started by sabah88, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. sabah88

    sabah88 New Member

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    hi.. i'm final year student doing a project regarding traffic reporting by MMS.. the concept of this project is to receive SMS from user then automatically reply to the user via MMS or Traffic Image.. i tried to do it in C language or assembly so that i can program it into PIC. The problem is i only can found sending MMS in C++ or JAVA but no in C.. i also found that i can use SIM300 to send MMS via at-command but is there a way to send MMS using PIC+Mobile phone as Send SMS project like hxxp://www.wrankl.de/SMST4PIC/SMST4PIC.html#Project.. thank in advance..

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