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Temperature sensor project

Discussion in 'Electronic Projects Design/Ideas/Reviews' started by hazda, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. hazda

    hazda New Member

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    hello y'all.im a second year varsity student and we've been given a project to build a temperature sensor.

    The storage room temperature is supposed to be between 22 degrees celcius and 24 degrees celcius. The accuracy of the
    digital control circuit is limited by the accuracy of the temperature sensors.
    When the temperature of the room is within the specified range a green LED is lit to indicate
    correct temperature range. Whenever the temperature goes outside the specified range, a small
    red LED is lit to indicate an over the range event. Sustained events are over the range events that
    last for more than 30 seconds. All sustained events are counted, displayed and timed. If a
    sustained event occurs, a large LED is lit to indicate that the room temperature has fallen outside
    the specified range. If in any day the number of sustained events exceeds six then an alarm is
    sounded to indicate a possibility of a system failure. The alarm and the sustained events are
    cleared by push buttons.

    An LM35 is to be used as a sensor and a 555 timer is to be used also. Can anyone help me on how to incorparate the sensing part to the displaying(timer and the & the 7 seg led display) part and also to condition the signal from the sensor.

    Your help will be kindly appreciated
  2. Binu

    Binu Administrator

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