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sms/gps tracking system

Discussion in 'GPS' started by idowug, May 19, 2011.

  1. idowug

    idowug New Member

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    hello am doing a project SMS/GPS Vehicle tracking

    system, i am using a philips 8051 microcontroller (XA-

    G49), to be programned in c language, a garmin 18X-LVC

    gprs receiver, and a Cinterion MC55i Terminal Quad Band

    (GSM Module)
    I have connected the micro controller to the gsm module

    via rs232 male-male cable, and also took the white wire

    from the gprs receiver which i connected to pin 1.4 on

    the micro controller. i keep sending the request from

    the main operator my phone and have done every thing i

    think is right with the code, but still get no

    Please could any one give a hint on how to go about

    this whole issue perhaps i may be doing some thing

    wrong with the connection or the choice of my

    apparatus may be wrong.
    Please any possible hint would help a lot
  2. tibbu

    tibbu Super Moderator Staff Member

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    humm well are both GPS and GSM working separately with your code. are they working with computers serial port.
    baud rate of both modules should be same.
  3. trongrangph6

    trongrangph6 Banned

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