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Help needed in debugging a c-code

Discussion in 'Project Doubts' started by chetnbt, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. chetnbt

    chetnbt New Member

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    Sir i'm you can see i'm working on DS1820 i've encountered errors & warnings in main program like these i've attached the program so please go thru this and help me in debugging the error

    \main.c(9): warning C318: can't open file 'ds1820.h'
    \main.c(10): warning C318: can't open file 'serial.h'\
    \MAIN.C(20): warning C206: 'InitSerial': missing function-prototype
    \MAIN.C(23): warning C206: 'ReadTemp': missing function-prototype
    \MAIN.C(23): error C267: 'ReadTemp': requires ANSI-style prototype

    [​IMG] Attachment: ds1820_c51.zip ( 2280bytes )

: ds1820

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