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Electronic component LT1007 LT1037 datasheet and p

Discussion in 'New Components Price and Availability' started by jojo1111, May 29, 2008.

  1. jojo1111

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    LT1007 LT1037 datasheet and pdf download

    n Guaranteed 4.5nV/ÖHz 10Hz Noise
    n Guaranteed 3.8nV/ÖHz 1kHz Noise
    n 0.1Hz to 10Hz Noise, 60nVP-P Typical
    n Guaranteed 7 Million Min Voltage Gain, RL = 2k
    n Guaranteed 3 Million Min Voltage Gain, RL = 600W
    n Guaranteed 25mV Max Offset Voltage
    n Guaranteed 0.6mV/°C Max Drift with Temperature
    n Guaranteed 11V/ms Min Slew Rate (LT1037)
    n Guaranteed 117dB Min CMRR
    n Low Noise Signal Processing
    n Microvolt Accuracy Threshold Detection
    n Strain Gauge Amplifiers
    n Direct Coupled Audio Gain Stages
    n Sine Wave Generators
    n Tape Head Preamplifiers
    n Microphone Preamplifiers
    The LT1007 and LT1037 series features the lowest noise performance available to date for monolithic operational amplifiers: 2.5nV/ÖHz wideband noise (less than the noise of a 400W resistor), 1/f corner frequency of 2Hz and 60nV peakto-peak 0.1Hz to 10Hz noise. Low noise is combined with outstanding precision and speed specifications: 10mV offset voltage, 0.2mV/°C drift, 130dB common mode and power supply rejection, and 60MHz gain bandwidth product on the decompensated LT1037, which is stable for closed-loop gains of 5 or greater. The voltage gain of the LT1007/LT1037 is an extremely high 20 million driving a 2kW load and 12 million driving a 600W load to ±10V.
    In the design, processing and testing of the device, particular attention has been paid to the optimization of the entire distribution of several key parameters. Consequently, the specifications of even the lowest cost grades (the LT1007C and the LT1037C) have been spectacularly improved compared to equivalent grades of competing amplifiers.
    The sine wave generator application shown below utilizes the low noise and low distortion characteristics of the LT1037.
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    Do you want to code of it.
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