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8051 project...come and share ur knowledge to help

Discussion in 'Electronic Projects Design/Ideas/Reviews' started by toch3, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. toch3

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    An 8051 Based
    Controlled Fan

    1)The system has 2 modes of operation: manual and automatic.
    2)In manual mode, a user may control the speed of the fan (either off, low or high speed) via push buttons.
    3)In automatic mode, the microcontroller controls the speed of the fan depending on the ambient temperature:
    Off ?Temperature < 30ºC
    Low speed?30ºC ?Temperature < 40ºC
    High speed?Temperature ?40ºC
    4)Regardless of the mode of operation, the ambient temperature is always shown on a dual-digit seven-segment display modules

    here my simple schematic..and list of component..

    all i need is u all to help me how to program the 8051 base on this hardware...

    im Engineering studnt and im totally stuck up..with the programming..could anyone help me done the program...and schematic too..(hardware i can done it..but if u all willing to help it would be nice..)...

    can pm me here or r10tm4k3r@gmail.com..
  2. Binu

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