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8051 Zigbee based DC motor Control from PC 1.0

Control the DC motor speed/direction from your PC through Zigbee and 8051 also monitor temperature .

  1. Binu
    Now control a DC motor from your PC through Zigbee. You can control the direction/speed from the PC. AT89C2051 is used in this project to get the commands from the PC and to execute it. Zigbee works in 3.3v, so we cant interface with 5v microcontroller. Also monitor the temperature of the motor/environment through PC.

    AT89C2051 can work from 2.7 V to 6 V. So it can work under the zigbee range 3.3v. Zigbee network used in this project is Point to Point network.

    The PC application is written using VB6, more details about VB6 programming for microcontrollers can be found in this link.

    L293D is used for speed for speed control using PWM signals from the microcontroller. DS1820 is used as temperature sensor. Its a 1 wire device which have inbuilt ADC.

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    Zigbee Module used in this project
    Circuit Diagram
    Zigbee DC Motor.gif
    PC Screenshot
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