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8051 Various supporting tools

More software which is used for developing a microcontroller based project.

  1. Binu
    Drawing Schematic Diagrams

    DesignWorks Lite 4.2

    With DesignWorks Lite you can: Draw, save, edit and print complete, professional circuit diagrams using powerful features like bussing, multi-level Undo/Redo, and automatic gate packaging. Use the library of common 74XX and discrete symbols provided or create your own libraries using the built-in symbol editor. Send compact circuit diagram files to friends or colleagues over the net.Version 4.2 includes many enhancements to the built-in symbol editor, including rotate and flip on all objects, new popup menus, more drag and drop operations, a new Symbol Gallery window, more color and line width options, and many small improvements. The new version also adds the ability to set individual colors on signals, better control over bus pins and anumber of new menu commands and small features.

    A free evaluation version is available from Capilano: www.capilano.com

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    PCB Designing

    Rimu PCB

    PCB Designer is a cost effective, easy to use electronic printed circuit board PCB layout application.
    Export Gerber RS274X and Excellon NC drill.
    Import ASCII netlist.
    Up to 16 layer boards supported.
    Rulers, Guidelines and Dimensioning lines.
    Five libraries - new components and libraries can be added.
    Automated ground planes, isolated copper removal.
    Tracks snap to pads for easy routing.
    Multiple Undo / Redo.
    Import PCB Designe/Protel Autotrax/Tango PCB II files.
    Add bitmaps into your design and export them to Gerber
    Much more!

    A free evaluation version is available from Hutson: www.hutson.co.nz

    Serial Watcher

    Serial Watch is a very simple but very effective and useful serial input terminal. Its one of those great one file programs. It has all the serial settings on the main screen for easy access. Supports ASCII, Decimal, and Hex input display. The Hex display is extremely useful for working with hardware. Note, it is just for serial input/watching, does not output data to the com port.

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    Digital Works (Digital Simulator)

    Digital Works is a graphical design tool that enables you to construct digital logic circuits and to analyse their behaviour through real time simulation. Its intuitive, easy to use interface makes it the ideal choice for learning or teaching digital electronics. You can even prototype simple digital electronic circuits before you actually build them.

    A free evaluation version is available from Mecanique: www.mecanique.co.uk
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