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Send and Receive SMS through GSM modem 1.0

Bascom 8051 code to send and receive sms using SIM300 gsm modem.

  1. Binu
    Here is the simple arrangement of the Sim300 gsm modem with 8051projects board.
    AT Commands to initialize the gsm modem
    AT => Its just to wake the modem.
    ATE0 => Echo off
    AT+CMGF=1 => Enable text mode to send sms
    AT+CNMI=1,1,0,0,0 => Disable new message indication OFF

    AT Commands to Send/Receive SMS
    AT+CMGF=1 =>Make SIM300 to text mode
    AT+CMGR=1 =>To read the first message
    AT+CMGS="mobile number" =>To send SMS
    AT+CMGD=1 => To delete first message
    AT+CMGD=1,4 =>To delete all messages

    AT Commands to make/receive call
    ATDmobilenumber => To make a call
    ATH => To Hang/disconnect a call
    ATA =>To receive a call
    ATE0 => Enable caller ID