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8051 RF based Device Controlling through PC 1.0

Control your home appliances through wireless from your PC with Timer functions

  1. Binu
    Control your home appliances from PC through RF. You can control upto 4 devices through this project. The transmitter is connected to the PC serial port and the home appliances are connected to the receiver.

    There is ON time and OFF time for each devices, which can be set through the PC application. The Pc app is developed using Vb6.

    There is a microcontroller AT89c2051 at transmitter side, which get the command from the PC serial port and transmit it through a Encoder HT12E and 433mhz RF module.

    At receiver side there will be a RF receiver with decoder HT12D and a microcontroller to control the relays through relay driver ULN2003.

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    Transmitter Circuit Diagram
    RF transmitter_a.GIF
    Receiver Circuit Diagram
    RF receiver_a.GIF
    PC screen shot