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Free projects comes with 8051project board

List of free projects comes with 8051projects board.

  1. Binu
    Here's the list of projects that comes freely with the 8051projects board

    1. Running LEDs
    2. Temperature Indicator on 7Segment Display
    3. Automatic College Bell Timer
    4. Time Operated Electrical Appliance Controlling System
    5. Interfacing Graphic LCD display *
    6. RFID Reader Interfacing *
    7. IR Remote Control
    8. PC Remote Control
    9. Temperature Controller using DS1820
    10. GPS Interfacing with Microcontroller *
    11. RFID Security system *
    12. Device Controlling through PC
    13. Temperature Controller with LCD and EEPROM
    14. Simple Password Based Device Control
    15. Advanced Password Based Device Control with EEPROM

    We frequently add projects here..

    * = Need additional Components

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