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8051 FingerPrint Based Security System using R305 1.0

FingerPrint Based Security System using R303/R305 fingerprint module with alarm and relay.

  1. Binu
    Here is a new finger print security system project which uses R303/R305 module. A previous finger print security system project published on this site uses SM630. its available here. R305 module is almost half the price of SM630. So we are giving a new security system project with R303/R305 module.

    The AT89S52 microcontroller is used in this project to control the R305 fingerprint module. The features of R305 is given below.
    • Power DC 4.5V-6.0V
    • Interface UART(TTL logical level)/ USB 1.1
    • Working current Typical: 100mA Peak: 150mA
    • Matching Mode 1:1 and 1:N
    • Image acquiring time <0.5s
    • Storage capacity 256
    • Security level 5 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5(highest))
    Even though it can store 256 fingers, in this project we are using only 100 fingerprints.

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    R305 Module
    R305 Module Pin diagram
    r305 pin.JPG
    Circuit diagram
    Finger print security system with R305_a.GIF
    There are 4 buttons on the circuit. Button 1 is for ADDing new finger, Button 2 is for Deleting a finger. Other 2 buttons for selecting the ID for the finger.

    To add a finger, press the ADD button and the display will show the ID to add. Press the but3 and but4 to change the ID, then place the finger to AFD.

    To delete a finger, press delete button and select the ID using but3 and but4. Then press the Delete button again to delete the finger from the module.

    The code is written using Bascom 8051 Basic. The download contains bascom code, Hex file and the datasheet of R305.

    Working video
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