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8051 Car overspeed alert using GPS 1.0

Gives audio alert when the vehicle speed goes beyond 40km

  1. Binu
    This project gives audio alert when the vehicle goes beyond the redetermined speed. The speed limit is set on the program itself so if you need to change the value then you need to flash the program again. AT89S52 microcontroller is used in this project. The speed of the vehicle is get from the GPS.

    The GPS gives out various data's through it serial output. The GPRMC data carry the speed values. But the speed is in Knots.
    An sample GPRMC data is given below


    Here 173.8 is the speed in knots. The code is written in Bascom Basic for 8051. It extract the speed and convert it to kilometers/hour. Its displayed over the LCD display.

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    gps speed controller.JPG
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