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Vehicle Tracking system

  1. Vehicle Tracking system

    Track/control your vehicle through your mobile using SMS. You can get the Realtime location on your mobile over google maps. The kit will send the location through sms with the URL of location in google map link.
    A GPS-based vehicle tracking system will inform where your vehicle is and where it has been. The system uses geographic position and time information from the Global Positioning Satellites. The system has an "On- Board Module" which resides in the vehicle to be tracked and a "Base Station" that monitors data from the various vehicles. The On-Board module consists of GPS receiver, a GSM modem.
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Features of this project.
1. AVR Atmega8 based design
2. SIM300 as GSM modem
3. GPS-634R (65 channel GPS)
4. GPS accuracy – 5meters
5. One master and other 2 mobile users
6. The master can change the other 2 numbers at any time
7. Can control the vehicle through SMS
8. The location is send as google map link with time. Example message
I am here at http://maps.google.com/?q=loc:8.169425006,77.422142027 on 11:42
9. The user can switch on/off an alarm
10. Panic button which sends the location to all numbers in case of emergency.
11. Master and the 2 users can get location by just giving a call, so we can save one sms time and money.
12. Master can enable to send location for all incoming calls
13. LCD display which displays latitude and longitude with time.
14. Inbuilt regulated power supply

SMS Commands (commands are not case sensitive)
–Get the current location
Lock –Lock the vehicle
Unlock –Unlock the vehicle
Alarm on –Switch ON the alarm
Alarm off –Switch OFF the alarm
Open Gps –open send location to all numbers, so any mobile number can access the location
Close gps –Close sending location to numbers other than stored 2 users
Dial number –Its used for getting balance and other ussd functions. For ex if the sim card on the gsm modem is BSNL and to get balance use this command Dial *123#
Numbers –To get the stored 2 mobile numbers (Only the master can send this)
Number1 mobilenumber –Add the user 1, ex. Number1 +91********* (Only the master can do this)
Number2 mobilenumber –Add the user 2, ex. Number2 +91********* (Only the master can do this)