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    • Vehicle Tracking system
      Track/control your vehicle through your mobile using SMS. You can get the Realtime location on your mobile over google maps. The kit will send the location through sms with the URL of location in google map link.
      A GPS-based vehicle tracking system will inform where your vehicle is and where it has been. The system uses geographic position and time information from the Global Positioning Satellites. The system has an "On- Board Module" which resides in the vehicle to be tracked and a "Base Station" that monitors data from the various vehicles. The On-Board module consists of GPS receiver, a GSM modem.
      Price Rs.7,500.00

    • Device control through SMS
      Control your home appliances through SMS. The user can control 4 relays through SMS. Every message is acknowledge with the status. Also the user can control the loads by giving a missed call.
      Price Rs.4,500.00

    • GSM based advanced Home security system
      Home security system with GSM interface. Get SMS alerts when the security fails. This projects has 2 door sensors, 1 PIR motion sensor and 1 temperature sensor.
      Price Rs.5,500.00

    • Accident alert and vehicle tracking system
      This project works as an Accident alert system. It send the GPS location to the predefined numbers at the time of accident. There is a Vibration sensor in the project to detect the accident. The GPS is used to get the accurate location of the vehicle.
      Price Rs.8,000.00

    • GSM based Moving Message Display
      Now-a-days LED Message Scrolling Displays are becoming very popular for advertisements. These displays are used in shopping malls, theaters, public transportation, traffic signs, highways signs, etc., The big problem with these displays is to carry a computer or special keyboard for generating and sending messages to LED moving display boards dynamically. Carrying a host computer or special keyboard every time to generate message for LED display boards is big headache and also increase cost if it go for wireless based message sending.

      To make the LED scrolling display more portable, a GSM mobile phone is used instead of carrying keyboard or a host computer for generating or sending messages to LED display board. A text message is typed in the GSM mobile phone and sent it by using SMS service of the mobile phone to LED moving display boards. A GSM modem is connected to the LED display hardware is used to receive the SMS and send it to the controller circuit of the LED display. Then the controller circuit of the LED display filters the message content in SMS and changes the display text in LED display dynamically. By using this SMS service it is possible to change the text in the LED display board from anywhere in the country. The idea implemented in this project reduces the total cost that is required in the traditional LED display boards not only it makes easier to send message to the LED display boards.

      The project uses a GSM modem at the display side to receive SMS. An IC ATmega8 microcontroller act as controller to drive the LED display board. Along with these a power supply unit and supporting hardware for microcontroller is used.
      Price Rs.8,500.00